Besoine de Personne(s) (2021)

Besoine de Personne(s) is a French documentary about the famous etoile Marie-Agnès Gillot, directed by Tamara Fernando with Matthew Totaro as director of cinematography.

About the music:

Writing this documentary wasn’t an easy task. It is full of dialogues and overwhelming emotions.
The protagonist is a wonderfully complex person and highlighting her personality with music required lot of experimentation and trial and error.
Concerning the instrumentation I almost only used pianos: with and without felt and una corda. Because of that and because of the dialogues I had to be creative with reverbs. I used three of them: a plate, a small hall and a shimmer.
All of three are combining together to make a dense, almost otherworldly lush sound.


Directed by Tamara Fernando
Matthew Totaro director of cinematography