About me

I’m a very diverse and versatile composer.
I’m trained to be able to write in almost any genre of music but my approach draws heavily from the Western classical tradition with shades of jazz harmony, free improvisation, electronic music, and progressive rock.

Harmony, counterpoint and motivic development are the fundamental pillars of my writing; this comes from my classical training but, when I’m writing for films I have two more pillars: make sure to support and valorize the director’s idea and create a sonic landscape unique for the project.

My music is my heritage in this world, so I learned to deeply care about it.
I always want to have a development of materials, a solid harmony, a coherent
counterpoint, or a concept of developing variations in everything I write.
In my vision all those elements must fit in a coherent and structured form, that can also be free sometimes, but always coherent and elegant.
At the same time, I’m also a storyteller and I strongly believe that while commenting on a scene the music should also be able to narrate the story on its own without stealing the attention from the spectators but helping them to get immersed into the story.

My principal instruments are piano and electric guitar: as a pianist, I’m classically trained and as a guitar player, I have a background in rock, funk, jazz, and fusion.
I’m also a huge synthesizer and gear enthusiast, the sound-crafting aspect is also central in my music creation.
My music has been performed by many musicians including the Esterhazy String Quartet and it has been featured in many short movies, series, documentaries, and commercials in Italy, France, and the US. One of my works has been awarded two “Gold Remi Award” by The Houston WorldFest Film Festival in 2016

I hold a Diploma in Composition (Summa Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music where, together with being a scholarship recipient, I have been awarded the “Earle Brown Award” In Recognition of Outstanding Musicianship.
At Berklee, I studied with many teachers, including Tim Miller, Bruce Bartlett, Elena Roussanova, Alla Cohen, and Yakov Gubanov (the last student of Dimitri Shostakovich).
My music also has been part of many masterclasses including ones with Roland Dyens, Carlo Carfagna, Howard Shore, and Mikhail Kazinik.