Diotima (2017)

Diotima is an indie short movie that narrates the difficulties of finding a balance between monogamy and polygamy through dreamlike and real-life sequences.

Watch the short film trailer here

About the music:

Diotima was a project were I was involved since the beginning. I had the fortune of writing most of the themes directly on the script. After a while, I came out with a theme made by just two chords. Very dissonant when played at the same time but very consonant when played one after the other because of two common tones.
This harmonic choice was directly influenced by the story of these two lovers who can’t find a balance in their relationship. This harmony, and the relative synthetic scales, are all over the movie, together with themes derived from old Gregorian Chants.
Musically speaking Diotima was one of my more ambitious works. In a way it synthesised what film music should be according to my artistic personality.


Written By Ciro Vittozzi, Pasquale Corrado, Giuseppe Colarusso. Directed by Pasquale Corrado