Combatto per vivere (2015)

Combatto per Vivere is a documentary film in six episodes, directed by Tullio Imperatore and starring the KNèF Crew. It tells the story of the world-renowned break dancer known as KNèF Crew while they try to pursue their dream in a city where dreaming looks like a privilege for a few.

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About the music:

Combatto per Vivere was written in 2015 while I was in college. It is, still today, the most Pop-influenced score I ever written. This is ironic considering that I was writing a lot of complex and atonal music at the time! The movie is about a crew of breakdancers and its plot is deeply rooted in the city of Napoli, Italy. For that reason, I had to come out with a piece that was cinematic but retained some hip-hop influences as long as a strong connection with the music of my country. That’s why I used a mandolin as the main instrument for the melody. It’s a very early work of mine but it definitely has strong thematic materials and it taught me a lot about music for pictures and how to develop a relationship with your director.

This score was awarded with two Gold Remi Awards at Houston WorldFest 2016.


Dir. by Tullio Imperatore
Prod. By NPS Multimedia