Sonata per Pianoforte

This piece, written in Boston when I was 24, is the musical representation of my relationship with music during those times.
It’s a dark piece, full of ferocious rhythms, clashing harmonies, complex counterpoint (third movement is a fugue) and almost screaming melodies. But at the same time has calm moments with lush harmony and poignant melodies.

It is a declaration of love to the art that defines my entire existence, but also a statement of fear and rage against this form of art that sometimes I felt like it was rejecting me.
This fear of rejection, of not being worthy of the gift of composing music, permeates the entire composition.
And writing it was my unconscious way of exorcising those emotions out of my soul.

I. Moderato – Andante agitato e furioso – Largo e sognante
II. Adagio – Allegretto
III. Fuga; Andantino nevrotico
IV. Agitato isterico – Pesante e angoscioso